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My name is Henri van Meel, living in Holland / The Netherlands.
I started this site in 1999.

Those who visited my site in the past will be surprised to see that this site has changed!

I am selling 95% of my World War 2 collection!!!

In 2010 I made the final decision that, after 22 years of collecting, it was time to move on!
"Why?" you might think!
Because of experiences with some people, other priorities in life and the realization that I lost the joy of collecting!

Yes, I did think it through and NO I will not regret it!
If so, I can always start again!

There are still fields of interest and I will keep these items and sometimes add some of these items to my small collection
that will remain.
That will be the 5% that I will not sell!
Check my list of "considerations"!

All those who visited in the past will experience that the "trade/sale" pages have changed totally to a full E-shop.
In the web shop you can register, so all shipping details are available to me and to subscribe for the newsletter.
Read the conditions before you use the web shop!!!!!

So, be prepared that thousands of items will hit the market!
Among them standard equipment, but also ultra rare items.
What can you expect?
Everything related to World War 2, but also some pre-war and post war military items.
Thinks of: uniforms, headgear, helmets, equipment, personal items, medals, badges, communication items, airborne items, etc!

I can't manage to do it all at once, so check the shop regular or just drop me a line if you are looking for something specific!

The website with the museum story, how I get started, etc. has been de-activated to create web space.

The mannequins, like you could see on this site, will all be for sale!
The old pictures will be on a separate page.
Some of them are all ready sold, as also single items that can be seen in some of the pictures.

Interested in a mannequin or specific item?
Send me an email!
Be aware, none of the items on the mannequins will be sold as single items.
Mannequins will be sold as one complete fully dressed and equipped item!

I will try to respond on messages as fast as possible, but keep in mind that it can take longer
then you may be used from me.

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H.J.M. van Meel  2013