What I am going to keep !

Some of the different type of escape compasse !Like all ready mentioned on the home page: I will still keep 5% of my former collection.
In these fields I will still consider adding items!

I have decided that I am going to keep U.S. and British  escape and survival equipment, ration items, tabacco items and personal items!

 The escape equipment can be all sorts of concealed compasses and for example, items that belonged in an U.S. C1 vest.
In the picture you can see some escape items that I all ready have. They are: an escape map on silk of the Italy/Greece area. A buckle compass, a compass in a waterproof hanger, 2 small escape compasses that were issued in survival kits, a double button compass and a "swinger" compass.

The ration, tabacco and personal items can also be a lot!
They can range from compleet rations to parts of rations, all brands off tabacco , matches and lighters.
For personal items you must think of watches, jewelery, personal hygiene items, etc.

Not everything is of interest to me!
It depends if I all have the item all ready, if yours is a better condition or that it just does not attract me.

I still like to add items, but it is not my first priority in life any more!


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H.J.M. van Meel 2013