What I am looking for !

I am not looking for much any more!

Since I have decided that I don't need to own everything that is related to world war 2, the field of interest became very small.

There are still items that intrigue and interest me.
For these items I am always willing to consider a trade. 

A few conditions are:
    -it must be something I don't have yet
    -it must be in great condition
    -trade price must be reasonable


I don't want to have doubles anymore, only want top quality condition and reasonable priced.

Items I am still considering for a trade are:
    -U.S. and British escape items ( like escape kits, escape compasses and escape maps)
    -U.S. and British ration items (rations, candy, drinks, etc.)
    -U.S. and British tobacco items (have to be full packages of cigarettes, rolling tobacco, lighters, matches, etc)
    -U.S. and British hygiene items (only small personal items like, soap, shaving cream, razors, etc)
    -U.S. and British personal items (watches, jewelery, etc.)

Still a lot, but all small items that don't take up that much space like all the uniform and equipment!

So, if you have something that might interest me.......just let me know and we will see if we can work something out!

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H.J.M. van Meel 2013